About Us

Sugar Skye is a Website and Mobile app company that develops and designs business apps. However we also provide training in Social Media, Focusing directly on People and Businesses to improve Engagement, Loyalty, Retention and Repeat Business.

Whats in the name? Some History:

Sugar Skye name was inspired by the idea of the sweets coming down from heaven, now as we have all experienced, when one downloads a Mobile App on one's smart phones, from the iStore or Google Play store, one get's excited about what the app can do to improve daily living, such as the alarm, the fancy pink keyboard, the battery life saver, facebook and much more. So, like these apps that Sugar Skye creates, life becomes much sweeter because of the easier lifestyles that Sugar Skye improves on.

The Skye name was chosen for the simple idea of the where the sweets, made out of sugar, come from. The idea of the word "Skye" was playing on the name "Cloud" from the name "Cloud Servers".


Our Websites are custom made according to the client's needs. So according to the brief and style, the website is developed and designed accordingly.


Sugar Skye provides the training in Social Media, covering the following:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus

Business owners and individuals will be taught a 4 Hour Course, one on one, group classes are available, please contact us for more information.


The mobile apps are catered for each business needs and are made affordable according to the Business requirements.

Our slogan "PUSHING your business to the skye!" is also a play on the word push as "Push Notification" & "GEO Push" is one of the features used by the Mobile App.

Besides making life sweeter, the Mobile Apps are developed and desgined according to the business needs, so if there is a lack of for example, administration in the Business for example, booking dates, times and reminders for business appointments, the mobile apps are catered to benefit the business where it does not have the administration of Calandar Booking, these are just a small factor of what the Mobile App can do for the business. For more information on what features the Mobile App can do, see the FEATURE page.

All Sugar Skye mobile apps are Native Apps and developed in Apple, Android and Amazon Kindle. Unfortunately Blackberry is not catered for.


To find out more about our services, contact us now to book a meeting or training